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I had an interesting, but rather limited career as a production designer/art director. In addition to designing, my twisted imagination also came in handy in creating games for competitive reality programming.

A Very Abbreviated List:

AMERICAN GLADIATORS (2 Years)      Production Designer

SURVIVOR (6 Seasons)                          Challenge Writer

ROLLERBALL                                      Development Designer

END GAMES                                             Co-Exec Producer – Development

FRIDAY THE 13TH (TV Pilot)                   Production Designer

PAINT (Pilot)                                         Co-Exec Producer - Show Runner

ULTIMATE FIGHTER                            Head Challenge Writer

BIG MONEY DARE (CBS Pilot)           Producer / Prod Designer

COMBAT MISSIONS                                 Production Designer

MISTER PERSONALITY                           Production Designer

AMERICAN GLADIATOR LIVE                 Production Designer

BLAST-O-BALL (South Africa)                Head Challenge Producer     

Among others in same vein. Also part of pitch team on numerous competition shows.

Along with the shows, I art directed a slew of commercials, music videos,

and one Roger Corman film (Galaxy of Terror).

Full resume available upon request.

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