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I’m a Californian, transplanted from Virginia.

My blended majors of theater and art at San Jose State University reinforced connections between written and visual art. I’ve been lucky to find ways to live off of art and imagination most of my life, early on as an art director and later, through straight art and some writing. Currently my home and studio are in Frogtown, the nickname for a creative sliver of Los Angeles.

Enjoy, Steve G


I took to etching the summer of 2018 to create images to go with short stories I write, most ranging between horror and fantasy. But soon the etchings took on a life of their own, not surprisingly, in the same twisted vein as my stories. The added bonus, I'm once again working with metal, only now in shaping the surface of zinc plates to be inked. Etching is also easier on my back than sculpting steel. 

I create because I don’t know how not to.

My Studio

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